Pillz — a wearable device for your NFTs

With built in Tamagotchi-like NFT games

5 min readDec 13, 2022


The new way to interact with graphic digital assets

NFTs reflect your digital identity and do a great job of showing who you are online. But as soon as you go out into the real world — you leave that part of your identity home.

At a party, conference or when meeting a stranger, it is hard for you to describe yourself with one word, even though a lot of who you are is already visible online. Very nerdy at this point to pull out your phone and show your Instagram stories or NFTs you own.

It’s great to have an accessory that expresses everything about you from just taking a look, without reaching for your phone — to reflect exactly the right amount of your identity that you wish to — through one simple device.

Pillz is an extension of your digital identity in real life.

Pillz in natural environment

In the past, people used to buy diamonds and jewelry to express themselves since precious metals and stones said more about them than words could express. Times have changed, most social communications have gone digital and now NFTs speak for people — how wealthy a person is, what community they belong to, what they like and what kind of person they are.

Pillz is modular — you can wear it as a pendant, keychain, bracelet or order a fitting for your device from your jeweler. In the near future, we will release several collaborations with fashion brands which will provide accessories created by them.

Pillz in different fittings

However, Pillz isn’t just a way to show off your NFTs — it is truly interactive. In fact, it’s so interactive that we created a Tamagotchi-like game which makes it possible for you to take care of your pet, look for other players with similar pets and breed them in real life to get NFT cubs!

Some of game mechanics of Pillz game

Next year, we will also release an SDK* — and allow the developers to transfer their NFT games to our platform to enrich the gaming experience.

*SDK — software development kit, used by game developers to transfer existing games or to make new projects on Pillz platform.

How to use Pillz

It’s easy:
0. Download the application from the AppStore
1. Sign up with your wallet through Pillz SSO (WalletConnect, MetaMask, Ledger, Coinbase)
2. NFTs from your wallet will appear in the Library
3. Choose any of your NFTs from the Library
4. Upload your NFT to the device using touch only

Pillz step-by-step instruction

It’s secure — you don’t transfer NFTs to the Pillz device or the app, it only gets confirmation that you own the wallet and shows your NFTs in the library. Again — we never ever ever ever store ANY (by saying “any” we mean like absolutely none) of your wallet’s private information, except for the hashed public address.

We only allow to upload NFTs that you own.
If you sell NFT — it disappears from Library and your device.

It’s simple and secure — there is no transfer of NFTs between devices and wallets so there’s no risk of losing your assets in case you ever lost the Pillz.

What is inside

The heart of Pillz is our own developed crypto-secure electronics with a low-level software layer, which does not allow any non-NFT images to be uploaded on Pillz. Only NFTs that are signed by our internal certificate, which is unique for each device, can be uploaded on Pillz.

Pillz consists only of few elements, but this simplicity was a challenge.

Another important element is the antenna film, on which we placed and harmonized both NFC and QI antennas at a thickness of 0.2mm, that allowed to make Pillz completely sealed since charging and data transfer became wireless.

PCB, it’s stencil and assembled board

We use a standard display matrix, but we designed a custom driver layout and moved all it’s components to the main board, saving an extra 0.7mm.

Antenna film, display and assembled Pillz

How to get your Pillz

The main way to get Pillz is to purchase NFT during the main drop in 2023.
You must then log in and activate the NFT on our platform, add shipping details, and wait for delivery. You will get a device with a charging case, then link it to the iOs app and your accessories to carry Pillz as a pendant, keychain or bracelet.
You can track the status of your delivery on our platform.

Full kit of what you get in your Pillz delivery

But there’s a shortcut — in December of 2022 we will have an early release.

There’s an exclusive first edition limited to only 100 pieces.

A limited edition drop of 100 NFTs — The Bollz, giving you the beta-version of the Pillz device by activating any of them.

Visit www.pillz.tech/bollz

To sum up

Pillz is a device that merges web3 with reality.
Just get an NFT from any drop, activate it on pillz.tech, fill in your shipping details and get your Pillz.

What you get from any drop: Pillz device and NFT.

More info and regular updates you will find on Twitter:




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